Welcome to the Association of Centres of Research Excellence (aCoRE)

New Zealand's Centres of Research Excellence have developed a strong identity in New Zealand's research environment since their establishment in 2002. These collaborative organisations enable scientists from Universities, Crown Research Institutes and other organisations to work together on research projects, to produce truly innovative and excellent science as well as train a new generation of scientists.

New Zealand has ten Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE) funded by the Government through the Tertiary Education Commission.  The CoREs cover a diverse range of research areas ranging from bio-protection and drug discovery to nanotechnology and Indigenous research. Each CoRE has a specific focus that is producing internationally acclaimed research outcomes, building next generation researchers and assisting New Zealand in being an innovation-led economy and society.

All CoREs have stories to tell about the value of research, technology development and education in New Zealand and aCoRE, the Association of CoREs, acts as an umbrella body to further promote and connect research and educational excellence. aCoRE aims to maximise the value of New Zealand's research by sharing knowledge between disciplines and generations and fostering a culture of international excellence.

aCoRE is currently chaired by the MacDiarmid Institute, Associate Professor Nicola Gaston.